Adding eBay to Your Lifestyle

The subject of eBay comes up fairly often with my friends and family. I hear “I should get on eBay and find a better deal on…” or “I should go on eBay and sell my…” They sign up on eBay (and occasionally PayPal) and then do nothing. One relative has repeated this process about twice a year since about 2002.I firmly believe that if eBay is not a regular part of your lifestyle, you’re not saving as much money as you could, and you’re not putting money additional money in your pocket. I don’t mean you need to buy everything on eBay; that makes no sense. Likewise you don’t need a “home business” to generate some extra money with eBay.Look at products you purchase on a regular basis. If any of them strike you as expensive, or if they take a substantial part of your budget, chances are good you’ll find a better deal on eBay, even factoring in shipping costs. A great example is cosmetics and healthcare products. Pharmacies and grocery stores, and even large retailers often apply huge markups to these products. Worse still, consumables for certain healthcare products can be difficult to find. The good news is you can find great prices and nearly endless supplies of these products on eBay. Buying in bulk with at a substantial discount on eBay will free your income for other purchases and leisure.When I receive a free product or store credit I don’t intend to use, I immediately think “can I sell this on eBay?” Credit card companies often offer gift cards and store credits as purchase incentives. These are great items to list on eBay. They generally have no cash value, but they’re immensely popular on eBay. If you sell a $100 gift card for $50, the purchaser is happy because they’re getting double value for their money with that retailer, and you’re happy because you’ve pocketed $50 for something you didn’t want. I’ve received DVD players, cookware, and other products as premiums for other purchases or services. These are great items to list on eBay, as you can price them to sell, they’re “new in box” which is appealing to buyers, and they turn potential household clutter into cash.As a matter of fact, sometimes I’m even motivated to purchase based on a premium’s eBay value. A motorcycle dealer was giving away a very valuable helmet or a $50 store credit with every motorcycle purchase. I knew I could list the helmet on eBay and recoup a decent portion of my down payment. It’s unwise to make all purchasing decisions based on a potential eBay transaction, but there are certainly cases where a potential windfall on a purchase is possible.Making eBay part of your lifestyle will put additional money in your pocket, with savings on products you buy regularly and the ability to sell items you don’t want or need.

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